"God" vs. the Singularity

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Why I hold there will be scientific confirmation or disconfirmation of concept soon.

  • First, by "God" I don't mean the Abrahamic concept, but rather the rationalization thereof, i.e. a contingent being, most likely manifest as a collective which has evolved in a manner similar to that by which life has evolved on the Earth. The being could be outside this universe and could be its creator or neither of these.
  • Second, there are the facts of common reasoning and basic astrophysics. Since the lowest value the Drake Equation can have is one, and the lowest value a generalization of it can have is "about 1", it is therefore a direct consequence of a simple Copernican argument that the chances of this being the first galaxy to evolve intelligent life is roughly equal to the reciprocal of the number of such, as I understand it about 100 billion to 1.