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Neste trabalho, ainda me considero um monoglote inglês, apesar dos vários graus de aprendizado de outras linguagens naturais. Continuo comprometido a romper com isso, pelo menos no que diz respeito ao espanhol e ao chinês, dos quais ainda pretendo me tornar totalmente imerso.

Al escribir esto, todavía me considero un monoglot inglés, a pesar de los diversos grados de aprendizaje de otras lenguas naturales. Sigo comprometido a salir de eso, al menos en lo que respecta a españoles y chinos, en los cuales todavía tengo la intención de sumergirme completamente.

At this writing I still consider myself an English monoglot, in spite of varying degrees of learning other natural langs. I remain committed to breaking out of that at least as far as Spanish and Chinese are concerned, both of which I still intend to become fully immersed in, if I can; flags in left nav have a similar drift. Actually not that far from the wiki map except for immersion/depth, French, and addition of some level of Portuguese. Actually French was first L2, my dad took me to a course for a while in 2nd grade. Translations above by Google.