AC 4719

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AutoConsult 4719

Pursuant to our self declared mandate for crass pragmatism (DEV README), the scope of Actual AutoConsult/2 has been focused on the UI linked in the prior § below with these clarified/reiterated or additional specifications:

  • Each of languages is associated with irc bot code which in turn is associated with the indicated irc account as well as a mode of operation of the mcpcms shell.
  • Prolog is the default lang and is associated with the parse of input from the line input control and the upload of bulk text.
  • Haskell basically enables a current stable GHCi.
  • Lisp enables devops over the CL/MCS multi image system and the contents therein.

This interface will be fully enabled on the STG cluster for all developer group users, as a reference use case of the mcpcms and the DDD/KEE overall. It will interact with end users for control of the SB bot features and as a general expert on the system (domain space) without access to the devops features .

AutoConsult 4717

The basic concept here was that of an AI which is a projection of my practice that can automate what I do as a programmer and operator.

Distant Origin Theory

Current situation

The main difference between the status quo ante and now is that 15 years of discovery and orientation have taken place.

As a result, some development can be obviated in favor of just pulling together those discoveries into our distinctive life course/development context.