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AKPERSON is a term I use to abstract from every agent accessing my domains. It is also the SKU or product/service code used to designate various levels of paid services vended in-app as payment in various applications.

GA¹ Goods and Services

¹ generally available

Third Class

Third class AKPERSONs are either anonymous humans or machine agents. A distinction is made only if the agent has successfully passed an explicit challenge or is implied to be human in a real time context.

Second Class

Second class AKPERSONs are authenticated human users, who are social-networked or e-mail registered ip-identified. This layer has read and some write access to a base set of domains, comparable to that in the peer network they enter from. E mail registrations are manually approved if it's reasonably evident that it's not a frivolous or malicious account and is a real person.

First Class

First class AKPERSONs have current tx-identification. This user space is distinguished from the lower classes by the traceability thru the financial system which is a level above that of the peer networks which are notoriously open via their free induction of malicious impostors.

Token Capitation

Quarter fare capitation ² can be used for license mandated access to sources, to establish billing for bespoke apps or per diem contracting, and other special circumstances. It is tx-authenticated taxonomic second class account status.

²plus any 3rd party tx vendor charges

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