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AKPERSON ¹ — a tx-authenticated inetOrgPerson ² and SKUs for levels of entitlement to resources and service. 工 links give current fiat fx. Any 3rd party charges³ are known at Point of Sale.

tx-auth grounds identity in the global financial system. Merely social networked, i.e. partially known users, receive substantial free service. However a user without current tx-authentication is not, by the definition given, an actually known person.

Our open books are visible to all AKPERSONs, i.e. the ledgers for core domain space as an enterprise. Group and individual account detail is private by default.

¹ Actually Known, i.e. authorized by financial system. ² LDAP. ³ Varies from standard 15% finders fees/carrying charges to a small or waived bulk transaction rate plus any applicable taxes.


GA³ service levels, are vended in-app where discounts may be offered at point of sale.

Token Capitation

5 工 establishes tx-authentication for an AKPERSON with minimal resource credit for 1 financial quarter. Basis of the fee structure but still not a service level per se.

Second Class

2nd or standard class (Y) is the default base service level. 90 day entitlement at 150 工 . A low income discount is always available.

Third Class

Machine agents, anonymous humans etc. Entitlements imputed by inferred identity or lack thereof.

First Class

1st class (F) is 500 工 for 90 days. Premium consumers and devops role require F class entitlement (devops does not imply operator).

O Class

A handle on the set of entities operating our software, regardless of trust or entitlement level or biz relationship.

³ generally available, distinguished from purpose specific entitlements such as for developers or operators.

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