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Alt-rooted means that something other than just the priced name system is in force.[1]

As used here it means peering with the name servers here, which is automated like in letsencrypt as part of the SSO/user provisioning setup.

I make a reasonable commitment for the following to just work at no charge:

add the following name servers, which are non-recursive, in desired order to your active resolver(s):


or their ip addresses if your resolver requires that.

Authenticated users have access to recursion and additional services up to continuous live maintenance by intelligent agency. This is done in a framework of migration of one or many prexisting clean or used linux instances into our dockerized OS abstraction "MCP". The abstraction implements a single system image with the referenced intelligent systems support for an overall Domain Control Program ("DCP").

I'm also committed to keeping the price for the full SaaS without any physical resources other than control and delivery bandwidth under 10 工 per quarter, for a single TLD, barring unlikely events such as the collapse of a component of the fiat basket upon which the 工 is based.

As used here, the background operation of the public priced name systems are assumed as needed, excluded where prohibited.