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This page talks about the names I've given my drupal things
The sameboat verticals and SaaS are its proving ground.

C六 is just my integration of Drupal, Django, and SQL-Ledger. Its sources are available here to developer class users. DRUPAL-A is a name style that refers to a mature C六 operating in a DS/DCMS context with stable interop of the elements exemplified in production MCP/DCP job contexts (i.e. ones supporting populated public venues).

Pursuant to the security issue with drupal 7.59/8.5.3, the sameboat app (essentially C六 applied to different lines of biz) was rebuilt from scratch and from that point maintains a clean line of descent, with only forward deployments from the clean environment, issues such as SA-CORE-2018-004 are wiped by deployments to the wild, as they arise.

The sameboat domain (publicly routed as sameboat.live (D7) and cliu.sameboat.live*) is the model production instance with s d7, sql-ledger, and django managed table spaces and with drf/django admin operational over the whole pg db.

Links below background my drupal use, GMRV was first django iirc.

*D8 branch is for development only, see front page of the extension for more.

C5 (whence "C-6") C六书 d.o druportfolio To PHP CMS Page