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Biz case #65, the php and python codesets at the core of the Domains CMS.
Defining use cases are the sameboat network and the AKSAMBAR products.

"DCMS" is used in the widest sense to refer not just to the php/python core (C六) but to content management in domain space generally outside of the DCP providing manifold services to AKPERSONS. DCMS< and DCMS> name front and back end elements relative to the Drupal 7 codebase, respectively. C六 php will remain d7 based ³.

Sameboat commons is the stable [1] branch from my live shared devops and the first stop before downstream public deployments. The common app platform supports C六 and my product lines as a base. Live devops will be freely aux routed after .live reaches google/Donuts expiry November, 2022 with .network equivalents for most .live end user landings in commons. .network will be the sameboat public/IANA suffix until '27 .

D7 is currently provisionally scheduled for EOL in Nov '23 and drupal.org will then may cease to support it (it keeps getting moved out). Drupal has a vendors program for extended support which is inappropriate for me as C六 isn't drupal. The drupal part of it nearly is though and therefore I will be maintaining a curated d7 core and set of contrib modules as part of the software as a service. The C六 version of the update function will switch all projects from d.o to sameboat.network beforehand. As far as the C六 line is concerned, security issues are covered by domain space security. At this point, most core and contrib modules are unaltered, but all will formally diverge when their live status contrasts with d.o. D7 module maintainers will be able to use the app server project mechanism here whether or not the module is used in C六/sameboat.[2]

Key Events

c. 4719 — Portable Groups. Fork live and commons prod, rebuilding the latter².

c. 4716 — Pursuant to SA-CORE-2018-004, C六 drupal was rebuilt from scratch.

c. 4714 — First selection of sameboat name based on concept of affinity group support.

c. 4705 — First selection of Drupal as php CMS of choice and the C六 name after C5.

C5 (whence "C-6") C六书 d.o

  ³C-六 exceeds drupal tolerances ( best practice), engineering/curation to make it so and make it work is part of the ops concept. Live now has 101 and commons has 77 packages.   D9/10 branch for devops use, other php packages generally track latest release for the operational stack.

  1. Version of function in live may be different from what makes it to commons.
  2. Social networked status, i.e. free account will suffice for this.