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Names the Python and PHP CMS codeset serving the core of these domains.
That and the sameboat verticals are the proving ground for the product/SaaS.

C六, with DCMS>, is one half of the domain space generic CMS (DCMS) layer. Its sources are available here to AKPERSONs. The DCMS> name refers to the joint operational context with the front end (DCMS<) and middleware layers. "DCMS-A" is the long term goal of a mature C六 operating in a DS/DCMS context with stable interop of the elements exemplified in production MCP/DCP job contexts (i.e. ones supporting populated public venues).he php side of C六 aims to be a semantic drupal, distinct from the official project of that name, in the context of the pkg melange.

Pursuant to the security issue with drupal 7.59/8.5.3, C六 drupal was rebuilt from scratch and from that point maintains a clean line of descent, with only forward deployments from the clean environment, issues such as SA-CORE-2018-004 are wiped by deployments to the wild, as they arise. Sameboat sff is an base platform supporting C六 and my other apps.

Django restframework is used per model, the two main being the d7/d9 and sql-ledger pg dbs.

The sameboat domain (currently publicly routed with Donuts .live suffix (D7, D9: cliu.sameboat.live*) is the model production target with drupal, sql-ledger, and django managed table spaces and with drf operational over all dbs. A refactored drupal mutual credit and django oscar will use it and the sql-ledger (mod-perl ERP core) database.


  *D9 branch is for development only, see front page of the extension for more.Links below background my drupal use, GMRV was first django iirc.

C5 (whence "C-6") C六书 d.o druportfolio