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The php and python Domains CMS.
Defining use cases are the sameboat verticals and the AKSAMBAR SKU network concepts.

C六, with DCMS>, is one half of the domain space generic CMS (DCMS) layer. Its sources are available here to AKPERSONs. The DCMS> name refers to the joint operational context with the front end (DCMS<) and middleware layers. "DCMS-A" is the long term goal of a mature C六 operating in a DS/DCMS context with stable interop of the elements exemplified in production MCP/DCP job contexts (i.e. ones supporting populated public venues). The php side of C六 intends to be a semantic drupal, repurposing the OSF D7 framework for interface to the DCP.

Pursuant to the security issue with drupal 7.59/8.5.3, C六 drupal was rebuilt from scratch and from that point maintains a clean line of descent, with only forward deployments from the clean environment, issues such as SA-CORE-2018-004 are wiped by deployments to the wild, as they arise. Sameboat sff is a base platform supporting C六 and my other apps.

Django restframework is used per model, the main ones being the d7/d9, sql-ledger, and ds-history pg dbs.

The sameboat domain (currently publicly routed with Donuts .live suffix D7, D9* front-ends) is the model production target with drupal, sql-ledger, and django managed table spaces and with drf operational over all dbs. A refactored drupal mutual credit and django oscar will use it and the sql-ledger (mod-perl ERP core) database.


  *D9 branch is for devops only, see front page of the D9 instance for more.Links below background my drupal use, GMRV was first django iirc.

C5 (whence "C-6") C六书 d.o druportfolio