Common Platform Basis

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Domain Content Mgt. System (DCMS) integrates the following packages ¹ for the indicated standard purposes and can be for key milestones in the to initialization of your dominion (enterprise domain(s)):

  • dojo (js,AJAX)
  • Drupal (Organic Groups)
  • JBoss (Hibernate, Java, JMX, etc.)
  • Joomla (default Front End CMS)
  • LAMP (DCMS core, -E, -W, etc.)
  • osCommerce (carting, product catalog, and e-commerce/COA interface)
  • SQL-Ledger (i18n COA )
  • TYPO3 (Site Templating/Backend CMS)

Our core platform services are made available in bindings for any of the above and our initial buildout will create a generic vertical for each distinct enterprise domain set or 'dominion' using all of the above.

Some people focus on one or another of these packages as the basis of their enterprise implementation. This focus is not without consequences but it cannot be helped because shopping for what you think you need instead of what you actually need is a buyer's prerogative.

What you actually want, and may not know it, is a system that achieves your functional goals (assuming these are reasonable and feasible) and has the properties highlighted in the Value Prop(osition). In general what you may have think is the 'platform' choice or package du Jour generally has little to do with the attainment (except possibly to hinder it) of there properties. Nonetheless, unless such a choice presents a full blown conflict with the attainment of our Total Quality Management goals, we can accomodate it.

¹ Among others!