Common Platform Basis

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Revision as of 00:45, 9 May 2010 by Root (talk | contribs) Domain Content Mgt. System (DCMS-X) integrates the following packages ¹ for the parenthesized standard dominion purposes:

  • Eucalyptus (Open Souce Cloud Framework)
  • Drupal (the current stable core, our AOP framework service and our maintained (third pary) module set)
  • JBoss (for all Java services)
  • NixOS (WFL/DCP is distributed as a derivative of this pure function Linux distro)
  • SQL-Ledger ( used for Chart Of Accounts )

We support the folllowing RDBMSes

  • MySQL
  • Oracle Express ¹ or non-free Ora server.
  • Postgres
  • SQL Server ¹

¹ provided on a case by case basis, others are included in base NixOS stdenv.

WFL/DCP, our product unifying the above in our framework which also is the basis of our alternative DNS root service wik-cso.meansofproduction.dom with which you can form your own IPV6 namespace and interwork with others that do in a completely peer-controller and anarchic internet scheme.

Our core platform services are made available in bindings for all of the above and our platform service setup will create a fully functional development prototype of a generic vertical for each distinct enterprise domain set or 'dominion' using same. You can see this illustrated in our space over our 5 regular IPV4 domains.

If we have prepared a development prototype for you it will be at <yourTopLevelDomainName> per the offer letter sent you.

A caution for non-IT professionals

Some people undertaking systems development have been observed to focus on one or another of various packages as the basis of their enterprise implementation. This focus is not without consequences but it cannot be helped because shopping for what you think you need instead of what you actually need is a buyer's prerogative.

What you actually want, we think/hope, is a system that achieves your functional goals (assuming these are reasonable and feasible) and has the properties highlighted in the Value Prop(osition). In general what you may have thought is the 'platform' choice or package du Jour generally has little to do with the attainment (except possibly to hinder it) of there properties. Nonetheless, unless such a choice presents a full blown conflict with the attainment of our TQM goals, we can accomodate it.