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DCMS - Domain Content Management System.

In ai-integration.biz DCMS is an abstraction which is the unification of anything that could reasonably be construed to be a CMS.

  • A framework in which different such extarnal packages can be integrated to serve an aii.biz dominion.
  • The instance in this dominion which you are working with now.
  • A designation or namestyle by which the derivations used in WFL/DCP are distinguised from their original distributions. In this, the form DCMS-<contentSpecifier> is used where the convention is that <contentSpecifier> will be one or two latin characters if a generic category of actual CMSes is being modeled, or a name if a specific one is.
    Example: DCMS-W would be the category of wiki CMSes but DCMS-wiki would be the mediawiki specific one.
  • DCMS-X is the special abstraction of DCMS realized in WFL/DCP as a dominion level subject.


DCMS was intended to be implemented as the set of packages integrated by DCMS-X over DMS III.