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Nomenclature, Etymology

  • CMS - Content Mangement System (i.e. Web Content).
  • DMS (I,II) - Data Management System (i.e Burroughs).
  • DCMS - Domain Content Management System.
  • DCMS-X - An abstraction referring to an AII with aspects:
  1. DMS II was the Burroughs relational database known to us before the Unisys merger. We reinterpret it to signify the general IO model needed for the domain control program that interprets WFL/VS Algol 68. Relational data and Knowledge bases as represented in XSQL are based on this conotation of "DMS II".
  2. DCMS-E is a mod-perl based CMS which is retained to support the content we originally authored in it as is ...
  3. the mediawiki CMS (DCMS-W).
  4. Other supported CMSes (e.g: Joomla).
  5. Recognized dominion applications.

The vitality of supported 3rd party packages varies, e.g.: 2 above is frozen while 3 will remain in synch with major releases.

DMS III contains the CL-XSL tool chain as a library which includes DCMS-X as the DCP.