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Nomenclature, Etymology

  • CMS - Content Mangement System (i.e. Web Content).
  • DMS - Data Management System (i.e Burroughs).
  • DCMS - Domain Content Management System.
  • DCMS-X - An abstraction referring to an [AII]with aspects:
  1. DMS II was the Burroughs relational database known to us before the Unisys merger.
  2. DCMS-E is a mod-perl based CMS which is retained to support the content we originally authored in it as is ...
  3. the mediawiki CMS (DCMS-W).

2 above is frozen and 3 will remain in synch with major releases.

DMS III implements the base LargeSystem IO model and contains the CL-XSL tool chain as a library which includes DCMS-X as the core DCP.