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My paternal grandmother Stella Burns had 1 girl and four boys, Laverne my father, the youngest, by an Eddie Daugherty whose name they all took. Until 2006 I believed that Daugherty was a slave name but that may not be the case (Burns likely is, but not sure) and around that time I was told that another man was my paternal grandfather. Stella, who was born at the end of the 19th Century and died shortly after my birth, was known as Grandma Brooks though as her last marriage was to a man named Brooks. Stella lived her entire adult life and raised her children in the East St Louis and Springfield, Il areas.

My father had a prior marriage and fraternal twins, and in the family is generally considered to be the father of third half sibling although he denied this and claimed a brother was. So 2 or 3 agnate siblings. In any case (in addition to the 2 uterine) technically none of us who are children of Laverne would actually be Daughertys, although these are matters of fact which only an examination of the genomes of the individuals concerned can determine. What isn't contested is that we are all descendants or wards of Stella Burns.

I have little or no knowledge of Gotra Daugherty/Brazier other than the apocrypha above but that will change if I can make a matter of fact DNA determination. The Burns line is not contested and there's a strong apparent facial resemblance.

At the end of 2015 I had my genome sequenced and the results indicated that Eddie Daugherty (or someone like him) was in fact a likely ancestor. If I live long enough, I intend to know.

2021-08-02 23andMe updated their results and it now appears I do in fact have a paternal Ancestor from Ireland from the counties typically associated with the surname Daugherty. Before the update my 75% european ancestry was spread out over large regions of europe but it's now entirely concentrated in a few counties of England and Ireland. Bottom line, even if Daugherty is a slave name, it's likely also the individual was a Daugherty by blood.

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