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Above: to be adapted for the production version of ...
Drafts of future docs here. Third party package documentation linked here may be different version than currently used in live dominion support.

  1. Link to released volumes in the codebook.
  2. Replace images with those of DNS and Bind (, Computer Systems Organization (WFL/DCP), MacLane Categories for Working Math (C-Liu), Contract Theory (Public Job Shop/TE-XP), and cltl-2nd ed. (CL-XSL), In Depth Understanding (AC), and Information Flow (XSQL-EE), Rule Based Programming with OPS5 (OpenAUC/GMD), Blackboard Architectures and Applications (AII).
  3. Set initial scale equiv to zoom. Integrate for variable number of (except for the top level) generic dynamically generated covers.
  4. Move closer to flush left, make area at right hand side context sensitive display that shows title page of volume.