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Revision as of 22:43, 3 July 2010 by Root (talk | contribs) published docs (drafts here).
Third party package documentation linked here may be different version than currently used in live dominion support.
TODO: replace this SWF with one which has

  1. existing control flush left, new active area at right hand side context sensitive to which cliubook volume front is selected ...
    1. the flippage object opens to it's current location in the context sensitive area
    2. initially open to inside front binding and a cover page new for the flash object
    3. followed by the Latex2HTML TOC and pages of the document
    4. end bound by last page of document and/or 1 or two inside back cover pages and a back cover all new to the flippage object
    5. maintains current position but also make each volume book markable
    6. selecting individual pages will always go to the tab/window in which the volume is open