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C六 / d6-7-8 apps and wireframes.

  • active.companions.dom (C六/d7)

    A venture with Zach Weissmanin in which I'm part owner. For that reason and because it has a simplicity SDS doesn't have, it's likely to come to maturity more quickly. Unlike the hot or not concept, this one finds less direct support by a more diffuse layer of underlying pre-exising d6 and d7 modules some of which are just bindings to external systems/services.

  • coopixz.com (C六/d7)

    A hot-or-not concept as shown in young clients hand drawings. Primary value in continuing this is that there is a module that matches the clients idea, even having the same name. Will move into the app category when a minimal C六 app around the current state of that Tournament module for the hot or not concept is developed. The developers 3 part video shows that the raw material makes this a canonical case pf drupal app development, i.e. of turning disembodied and feckless function mass into a (in this case only part way to) a cohering app.

    Another thing I want to do here is adapt a CZG theme to drupal. So intend to turn that one into a front page for the site and a skin over the tournament/match/bracket function.

  • DACLIPS (C六書/d8)

    Support site for a generic data acquisition system.

  • Deer Traders (d6)

    had relatively little to do with this but first production level d site (d6) I had hands on. Don't laugh.

  • principalsonly.org (C六書/dn)

    A long standing intent but not seriously developed until 2012-08, is meant to be the reference app for CLiu. The concept is a LETS (or a GETS if you will since a LETS on the web is inherently global) market with an initial focus on IT jobbing. Starts out with a drupal modulization of an old cgi script for a freelancer site (freelancers 2.9 which I am not redistributing) and a derivative of the Symfony jobeet tutorial adapted for CLiu .

  • shewrites.com (C六/d6-7).

    A standalone version of a womens writing site currently on Ning. The plug was pulled on its development in the first week. Maybe developed further (and converted to d7) then pitched to pry them away from Ning

  • studentdirectscholarship.org (C六/d6)

    Concept self-explanatory from domain, next step in a venture which prior to this had a superficial flat PHP app with nothing behind it. Link is to staging which has concept I developed from scratch, the principals decided to go another way on it.

  • These are dead, unchanging, but may be used to test or sumthin.
  • GSIB a support site for a generic NSIS based Windows installer builder package (originally for Gamestreamer) (d6).
  • DTBSNS originally a conceptual prototype based on the MIT SIMILE timeline widget¹ Essentially the same as what became the FB timeline, albeit with a radically different capitalization. (d6).

[¶ that was here moved to discussion page]

   ¹ Drupal Timeline Based Social Networking System. Exploitation of DTBSNS itself as such, other than for the pædogogic and development purpose used here is restricted by a prior agreement. All above that aren't my internal apps are similarly bespoke.

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