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I found the first appearance of the "<X> For Dummies" guides incomprehensible if not offensive¹. Some guests, used to a certain kind of web space, have found these domains to be puzzling. I am not an artist and this incomprehension, if present, is not the result of your failure to understand my 'art', so if you are one of those many guests, this page is for you. My job is integration, so while the complexity and amount of underlying function has and will continue to increase over time, so should the cohesion. There are many different servers, content mgt. systems (CMSes), and so forth, so for now, if this complexity is a problem, you may want to focus on a single page or set of related pages, to which you may have been directed.

  1. First, I am a senior IT worker, and you are looking at the accretion of all my web stuff since the first ACM page c. 1994 . My projects are conceived and developed first in 'story' form in this my public web space. Stable production end-use function and conceptual, functional prototype kinds of content exist side-by-side here. A good way to distinguish the two is whether or not you are being asked to commit time/effort or money as generally workflows here will require you to make such a commitment before accessing content of the first kind unless it is being provided as a public service.

  2. Second, I produce content for myself for the domains in bold above only ...
    • was owned by me in the nineties. It is currently owned by someone in Leningrad. References to this domain name may appear in stuff retained from that period but it will come from one of the above domains.
    • Similarly, was owned by me as a commercial alter ego to the .org domain, but that has been superceeded by nak-cso.dom is a dominion which is something I have defined as an extension of a standard IPV6 Berkeley DNS domain. When this construct is referenced the domain name in the location bar of your browser will resolve to one of the two in bold above.

    Some external content we reference will take over the window exposing it's URL in the browsers location control if it has one. For the rest, in general, you must be able to 'get' whether or not the embedded content is external to our domains or not. If this is not rather obvious and natural to you then you may find it better to restrict your viewing as noted above. Tip: most user agents (e.g. browsers) will show the URL of a link in the status widget before you click thru to it.

  3. Thirdly, the Main Page of these domains has a 'Start Here' link as well as 'CV' and 'Catalog of Internet Monickers' with more about me. Note that the graphical treatment of the main page (but not our original underlying text) changes each time you access it and that if you do not have Unicode fonts enabled in your browser for Chinese, the characters comprising the first two mentioned links will not show as such (even so, mouseover should show the English titles). If this CMS owns the window, the main page can be accessed thru the galaxy/EG icon.

  4. Finally, if you wish to purchase publicly available services or software from me please take the link marked "" to your left and select one of the two inlaid chests which represent those two things respectively, or message for a private consultation.

¹ Since I call 'dumming down' anti-social, nonetheless the Wiley series meme inspired this page. Functional literacy and minimal intellectual competence are assumed here.
² and others are also owned by me, but are used for personal or test, not GA public purposes.