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@ 01:31:09 UTC 5月 26日 4720 黄帝紀年 — Originally embedded en:Intellectual which is what the following is about.

6 Blossom 4717 - My text gone from lede, happy with current but matches "public intellectual'; Placed image of Barzun while alive, and iirc it was the first on page. See also Freelancer where I've made critical lede redactions.
2 Blossom 4718 - Image of en:Jacques Barzun replaced between above note and now. A slide to faith figures now dominates the page as the latter still does in most of the planet. Not the happy.

I do and have aspired to fulfill both the negative and positive definitions in the lede below, even moreso the negative. en:Sanism is trippy and enwiki is at this writing the only germanic one with it.