Jati Ren Juan

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29 December, so more like '54-'14

I cannot say that I had good family circumstances or bad ones, it was actually both in fairly good measure. My parents had a very troubled marriage and my father was at least bisexual, they were separated at least as often as they were together and when they were it was often tense. My father mostly ran various criminal hustles and occasionally worked legit laborer gigs/jobs but he taught me to read at so early an age that I don't remember not being able to and my ability to read newspapers at 5 or 6 was something I would be made to show to visitors until I guess I refused. Although not really good parents, and not 100% honest in their life circumstances, Sandy and Laverne had strong moral character, good taste, and I never doubted that they loved me, although as a senior adult, I don't use terms like those uncritically. They also were fairly bohemian, at least in my early years and I think that and the turbulent attachment has fostered both an ablity to think things out for myself and find ground certainties.

I'm pretty much estranged from their families, contact having dried up in the second decade of the 21st century. I don't have any hard feelings toward them and actually nothing in experience upon which such would be based. We just have little in common as I have diverged pretty strongly from my familial and class origins and they in general have not.


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