Laverne Eugene Daugherty (July 31, 1922 - January 17, 1971)

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Cover Page

Dad as Young Man

The image to the left was unknown to me until 2006. The time is uncertain but presumably late 40s, early 50s. The ones below are all 1970.

Laverne had a high IQ, but was unable to find a better use for it than sporadic jobs and various criminal hustles, the largest of which resulted in the bust reported in the Chicago Tribune, Feb 13 1965 to the right. 2020-03-04 I retrieved it and some similar articles from that paper and they put some things in context. He had been given probation for a '49 dope charge so there was a minimum 10 year sentence in '65, from which he was released by presidential pardon in late '69 due to cancer (where the IQ report of 160 was a factor).

A charismatic individual whose demeanor didn reflect the common desperation as exemplified in his particular circumstances, despite a lack of a socially acceptable career, he had very solid bourgeois values, similar to other siblings who were raised by a very strong single parent mother who was said to be a bootlegger in the prohibition, owned an apartment building and imparted those values to her sons, who unlike my father were successful entrepreneurs in various working class areas such as construction, etc.

You might think that due to the aforementioned circumstances he was considered a failure but this is actually the opposite of the case. While his life was not long it was lead with enough dignity and style to command respect and not just by his family. Although he apparently was my primary caregiver after birth by an early age, as a result of the family psychodrama, there was a mutual antagonism from as early as I can remember which did not abate while he was alive.

Dad at Phillips

Dad and VistaCruiser

c. 1970 XE