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Update: below was done in the mediawiki 1.3 epoch, skin has been upgraded to mediawiki 1.7 which has an <html> tag that makes the below unnecessary. EG now lives as a regular user selectable skin and is the default skin of the skin if you like.

The Encyclopædia Galactica (EG) skin extends the MediaWiki (MW) "monobook" skin/style using our CL-XSL package and aims to refactor the MW package as a CSS Zen extension vehicle. The modifications to the base PHP package are described on this users page.

EG is supported by a branch on the MediaWiki (MW) codebase implementing an extension to the MW nowiki tag that passes text thru to the client as is, e.g.: in a table cell the following will fill the cell with the specified layer:

<noWikiPT><iframe src= ></iframe></noWikiPT>

the noWikiPT block content gets transmitted to the client as is. The above is the means of enclosing content of preexisting pages from my domain in the EG skin(s).

EG is a superceding/enclosing presentation and content management vehicle which is the new (Summer 2004 CE) outermost content management system of our domain. It "owns" and manages the content-to-specific-CSS binding at a low level allowing arbitrary content to be presented in tables with content from any XHTML source. There is nothing more to EG as such (i.e. as a CSS binding layer in our overall open systems architecture) than the following:

  1. EG prefixed clones of the MediaWiki 1.3 modules, e.g. EGEntry (from Article), EGParser, as needed to implement above.
  2. Use of standard MW 1.3 functions to support Zen Garden activity on designer extensions of Monobook/EG.
  3. The extension here differs from MW Monobook by the Wiki icon on this page and 1 above plus any modifications required to support CL-XSL based content+style transformations.

Style, themes, etc. of embedded package spaces are generally preserved as is within EG.

Above is entirety of skin content for this user.
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