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A timeline of "MCP"

My Early Career

I was the systems programmer at Daytona Beach Community, now Daytona State college which was then a Burroughs shop as my second job out of college. [1]

The first referent of the acronym is the operating system of the same name.

In a modern context, it is the encompassing operational context for the development of DCP nodes.

4715 Story

«MCP» is the operating system abstraction on a single node of a cluster, or cloud of computers with fast interconnectivity, miniminally 1 gigabit per second. The MCPs operate as the nodes of a larger OS construct, the DCP or domain control program. MCP itself has these components/layers:

  • The top level which is a lisp image running a generic blackboard model of realtime operatons control.
  • The workflow level which is implemented by the Work Flow Language, another Burroughs inspiration, reimagined as a context for literate programming and revival of the job control concept based on a generalization of the algol wiffle.
  • A modified linux kernel to support the above.


Precursors marshalled, extant, then in prodtest .


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