Maria Olivia da Silva

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Maria O. da Silva
Maria Olivia da SIlva.jpg
Maria O. da Silva at her claimed 125th birthday
Born 28 February 1880?
(age &0000000000000141.000000141 years, &0000000000000273.000000273 days?)
Itapetininga, São Paulo,
Residence Astorga, [Paraná
Occupation Retired
Title Claimed oldest person ever

Maria Olívia da Silva (allegedly born 28 February 1880) of en:Brazil claims to be the world's oldest living person; her age claim has been published by, but has not been submitted for validation to en:Guinness World Records, a competitor.


da Silva was born in en:Itapetininga, São Paulo, and lives in Astorga, Paraná.[1] She is of Polish descent. She was married twice[1], the first time allegedly in 1893, and has outlived all but three of her 14 children.[1] Four of them were adopted. Da Silva lives with her 74-year-old adopted son, Aparecido H. Silva.[1]

She is still in good shape, loves to talk, and still has a sharp memory.[1] da Silva eats rice, beans, and bananas every day.[2] Reportedly, she walks every day to the city to prove she is still alive, and to get her pension. Some in Astorga have protested to the city administration, saying she is too old to be obliged to do this daily.

In March 2005 she was first claimed to be ten years older than any verifiably documented living person. At the time, the en:Guinness World Records website considered then 114-year-old en:Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper, born June 29, 1890, as the world's oldest person, and later retrospectively accepted the claims of en:María Capovilla, who was then aged 116.

RankBrasil has only produced documents dating from the 1970s or later, including the birth certificate on its website indicating she was born in 1880, and a Brazilian ID with the same birthdate.

The oldest living person verifiably documented by Guiness is the Japanese woman en:Kama Chinen, aged &0000000000000126.000000126 years, &0000000000000202.000000202 days, who was born two years after da Silva was allegedly already married.

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