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Ray and Edna Mills had 5 daughters of whom my mother Wanda Rose was the middle child. I have two uterine siblings by my mothers first marriage, Tony and Tonda. Ray and Edna lived and raised their children in Clinton. Il., and my grandfather was a doughboy and worked all his life sfaik for the Illinois Central Railroad. All of my mothers sisters took boys nicknames: Al, Petey, Hank and Mickey but my mother used 'Sandy' as her legal name and was known only by that as an adult except by her family.

I met Ray at least once after my mothers last marriage. He was in fact 6'6" as the photo of that occasion here attests. I've been told various things about him which I give some but not total credence. Grandma Mills was a homemaker and I did have interactions with her in grade school.

As Wanda Gass, she had the two mentioned children. The girl was raised by Ray and Edna as a sister of her sisters instead of their niece. The boy was not raised by Ray and Edna. I was told by her the children were taken from her but the facts are less than clear other than what I've just related. I believe the perceived loss of the earlier children affected my upbringing by her.

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