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<h1>About CMS <font size=2> and what you need to support your web in general ....  
<h1>About CMS <font size=2> and what you need to support your web in general ....  
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; </html>[[Resume|<font size=2 color=navy><b>to my Resume Portal</b></font>]]<html>
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; </html>[[Resume|<font size=2 color=navy><b>to my Resume Portal</b></font>]]<html>

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About CMS and what you need to support your web in general ....         to my Resume Portal

A PHP Content Management System (CMS) such as Joomla or Drupal¹ provides a backend for your web. C5, Typo3 are among others². Many modern programming languages have applications that more or less fit in this category and my experience and practice are not limited to PHP but this page is.

Hosting, Performance, Development, and Maintenance

Performance is largely a function of your hosting (more...). Monthly support provides a basis for development and maintenance (more...) .

The Look and Feel of Your Site

CMSes generally come with some theming mechanism and numerous have pre-prepared publicly available free and priced ones that can be used. In practice, if you want high-end custom look and feel developed for your app/site, you will need to hire a graphic artist/design shop for that. You can probably save yourself time and money by nailing down the software first.

E Commerce and other Integrations and Customizations

How long and How much?

Depending on how much custom software development as little as 5 biz days if you only want a core CMS with a standard integration package. I'm generally not interested in projects which don't have at least $5K budgeted for my software development services though monthly retained service is only $400 with PayPal rebilling.

Is there one you are maintaining?

Yes, I have an Aspect Orient Drupal Core (AADrupal), a generic app based on it (C-六) and DTBSNS (drupal timeline-based social networking site).
I will make AADrupal available on drupal.org in August, 2009

¹     I've used both in paid workA, B, C. The Typo3 site has a cogent graphic of the whole CMS space and here is a link to a a CMS evaluation procedure.
²     Each, however, has its strengths and weaknesses. WordPress is more of a blogging package than a CMS but a blog is content and TextPattern may be better for this. Joomla/Mambo and Drupal are the most popular PHP CMSes.
      C5 is WYSIWYG using jquery AJAX and has a decent core design.
³     Concrete5 and others state that they will not support IE6. I may do so however, I don't here in my domains but client work is different. Safari 3 or better should be on any Mac, I was just late in upgrading.