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Consider the Concrete5 (C5) CMS as the basis of your Enterprise Web Application

What is a CMS?

A CMS is a Content Management System, the main software which manages your web site.

Self Tour of the sample site

If I have sent you the password you can log in a take a tour of the features of this CMS. The strong point of C5 is that the entire site and the CMS itself are WYSIWYG editable. I would ask that you reverse any edits you make. If you need a guided tour call me. Click on the C5 link above for more on the C5 CMS.

The Look and Feel of Your Site

C5 has two simple themes installed. If you want a custom look and feel developed for your site, you can either hire or graphic artists to work with me for that purpose, give me your specifications, or find some theme or template from the many available and I will apply to create a new C5 theme for you however I am not a graphics artist.

E Commerce and other Extensions

You may want to either develop custom software or have a package such as Magneto integrated into site. This can be done and in such a manner that visitors to your site will see it as seamless. However the integration of these packages will be superficial and you will still have to maintain their backends seperately.

Hosting and Performance

The sample site is served from residential broadband so its performance is not spectacular. In general this is not a solution which you can run from shared hosting. You will need to have a dedicated Unix server which you can either get at market rates on your own or I can help you find an economical vendor appropriate for your Enterprise. I currently have dedicated hosting at a vendor that is roughly $30/month but you will probably have a hard time matching that. A high end server in 2008-09 will be upwards of $200/mo but most small businesses or organizations will do fine with hosting that can be gotten for $100/mo or less. You can put different services on their own server (such as mail and database, images) to provide a capability that can serve all but the very highest loads with excellent response times (millions of hits per day).

Can I has Flash with this?

Yes! As you will see C5 includes Flash integration. I can also use Flash or Flex to build custom extensions or work with your graphic artist to create same.

How long will it take?

As little as 2 biz days if you have your hosting and other arrangements complete. I prefer to keep development projects to no more than 4 calendar weeks and no more than 80 hours of my time. I can supply ongoing support for the minimum monthly fee.

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