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Below 7 years old at this writing which is a transitional time for me from job seeking to job creation. Most of it remains applicable with that change of context.


The material for the general anonymous user in "My Web For Smarties" is of course appropriate also for current, former, or potential biz partners or co-workers but some things can be said here specific to these groups.

  • "Patience is not a Virtue" (AKA "A Sense of Urgency")

    This meme can be considered to have started with the Author(s) of Perl who famously declared the 3 principle virtues of a programmer to be hubris, impatience, and sloth. The idea is that these obvious vices lead to behaviours which ironically work for better software production. For example, because she is lazy, the programmer will add valuable features that prevent her from having to do stuff.

  • "Impartiality and Moral Hazard"

    Conditions of production prevalent at this time entail various conflicting stakeholders whose interests must be taken into account. We take the stance of an Impartial Observer relative to these interests and are at great pains to make sure this Impartiality is auditable by examination of the biz processes implemented here: all source code¹, our development and social intent, and last but not least, our books.

  • "Pet peeves"

    "Peeve" is a funny word innit?

  • "Intellectual Hubris Constrained by Crass Pragmatism"
  • Wanna say something more here, like "developers, developers, developers" but from a workers perspective. Hopefully later after I have and some Cliubooks going. Ultimately I intend the 'we' used here to refer to an actual collective, for which I (am trynna) prepare the way. So maybe replace the redundant triple by "massive elegantly consolidated and effectively delivered function" (what I intend in

¹ Of our software only! Clients in general are not presumed to support open source development for their projects. Also, I do use and support a number of proprietary software vendors such as Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, etc. and retain the right to keep my originally written sources supporting my GA services proprietary.
² "My Web for Smarties" is a former title of what's now linked to "" in the left nav.