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Received Usage

By "Quadriga" I mean: FP, Lisp, Prolog and Smalltalk.

Lang and Parole

Zum Singen ist die italienische Sprache,
etwas zu sagen: die deutsche,
darzustellen: die griechische,
zu reden: die lateinische,
zu schwatzen: die französische,
für Verliebte: die spanische
und für Grobiane: die englische

The above [1] stuck in my mind the first time I saw it in the first edition of Moderne Deutsche Sprachlehre, the text used in my first German course. Apparently it was removed in later editions, so don't look for it :)

Aphorism Perseverated

Received Programming Language Aspects of aii.biz System Applications

Functional AreaLanguage/PackageProject/Product/Component

Apps FPApplication logic
Logic ProgrammingCurry/PrologAutoConsult, RDF/Semweb, TE-XP
Systems ProgrammingC*[2]/LispWFL-MCP-DCP
Host Abstraction/GUI Squeak/LLVM/XenWFL/DCP SPO cloud devops manager.[3].

I am occasionally present (see CII in left nav for nick(s)) in the main IRC channels for each of the above.

aii.biz Design Intent

The design intent is that the top 10 TIOBE langs (excluding LUA) shall have bindings for WFL 1.0.

  1. Grillparzer
  2. i.e. C/C++ and Algol68.
  3. ;SPO (the Burroughs system operator console, originally acronym for "Supervisory Print Out").