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Dominion Connotation

By "Quadriga" I mean: Haskell, Lisp, Prolog and Smalltalk. I code aii.biz applications (as opposed to the platform created by its six subprojects) strictly in them.

Lang and Parole

Zum Singen ist die italienische Sprache,
etwas zu sagen: die deutsche,
darzustellen: die griechische,
zu reden: die lateinische,
zu schwatzen: die französische,
für Verliebte: die spanische
und für Grobiane: die englische

The above[1] stuck in my mind the first time I saw it in the first edition of Moderne Deutsche Sprachlere, the text used in my first German course.

Metaphor Perseverated

General division of labor
General Applications Programming Haskell
Systems Programming Lisp
Logic Programming Prolog
GUI Squeak

They are normally listed in latin lex order, the order having no other significance. We have a specific commitment to supporting development in these languages and the developers in each of the respective language communities and maintain a presence (as 'Lycurgus') in the main IRG channels for each of the above.