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Dominion Connotation

By "Quadriga" I mean: Haskell, Lisp, Prolog and Smalltalk. I code aii.biz applications (as opposed to the platform created by its six subprojects) strictly in them.

Lang and Parole

Zum Singen ist die italienische Sprache,
etwas zu sagen: die deutsche,
darzustellen: die griechische,
zu reden: die lateinische,
zu schwatzen: die französische,
für Verliebte: die spanische
und für Grobiane: die englische

The above[1] stuck in my mind the first time I saw it in the first edition of Moderne Deutsche Sprachlere, the text used in my first German course.

Metaphor Perseverated

A general division of responsibilities is as follows:

  1. Haskell - general applications
  2. Lisp - systems programming
  3. Prolog - itself
  4. Squeak - gui, host/guest oriented

In addition to the explicit recognition of support for each the respective language communities.