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<html><font color=white>
[[CourseNot|Flash-Free CV Page from the prior Century (which is still not the Resume)]]
<iframe src=https://meansofproduction.biz/rptour width=100% height=650></iframe>
<li> Bachelors, DePaul University, Chicago, IL 1981
<table width=100%><tr><td align=left>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<font color=white>
<a title="About Ren Juan ..." href=http://commoditysoftware.org/eg/index.php/Catalog_of_Internet_Identities>
<img src=http://commoditysoftware.org/images/RenJuan.jpg border=2></a>
<li> <b>Affiliations</b> <i>Current:</i> <a href=http://aaai.org>AAAI<a/>, <a href=http://acm.org>ACM</a>. <i>Once &amp; Future:</i> AMS, Mensa, IEEE, SIAM, ORSA/INFORMS/TIMS
<li> <b>Chat:</b> Yahoo: kyberuserid<img width=64 height=16 border="0" align="middle" alt="Yahoo" src="http://opi.yahoo.com/online?u=kyberuserid&amp;m=g&amp;t=1"></a>, AOL: juanthml, MSN: juan@acm.org, IRC: JKnecht
<li> <b>Email:</b> <a mailto:juan@acm.org>juan@acm.org</a>
<li> <b>Family:</b> Man
<li> <b>Home World:</b> Gaia, Alpha Quadrant, Silvery River, Virgo Supercluster, Kali <a href=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M-theory>brane</a>
<li> <b>Interests:</b> <a href=http://www.formalontology.it/mathesis-universalis.htm>Mathesis</a>, <a href=http://ai-integration.biz/everything/index.pl?node_id=894>Religion</a>
<li> <b>Postal Address:</b> 253 College St., Toronto, ON M5T 1R5
<li> <b>Species:</b> <a href=/everything/index.pl?node=transhumanism>?</a>
<li> <b>Telephony:</b> Fax/Voice Mail: 01-716-285-0414
<li> <b>US Passport:</b> 306991045
<li> <a href=/eg/index.php/whiteboard><b>Videoconference</a></b>
<li> <b>Work History:</b> <a href=http://commoditysoftware.org/resindex.html>(Go There)</a>
<li> <b>XE DOB:</b> Dec. 29, 1953 Chicago, IL, USA as Juan Edwin Daugherty
</td><td align=center>
<img src=/AKStore2/OuterSpace/myimage.gif><br>
<i><font size=1><a href=/eg/index.php/Temporality title="Not just one damned thing after another...">c. 4701 AK, 50 CE, 2047 WE, 2003 XE</a><br> Jersey City, NJ.</font></i>
<h2>Natural Languages</h2>
<li> Fluency rank: English, German, Spanish, &#x4e2d; &#x6587;.

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