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Jobs F.A.Q.
ISO fixed cost contract jobs.
retainer preferred/best value but negotiable on terms; click thru for depth on items.

Reduced risk, superior value. Per week/month fine, hourly not. Man week values per market/value.
  1. Will you take our test?

    Absolutely not. [1] [2] From this point, if you've read this and are presenting me with a request to take a test, challenge, etc., or perform other unpaid work as a challenge to my competence, I'll assume that you are trolling.

  2. Will you work for hire without an advance?

    Maybe. Evaluated case by case. Also cf. Free Goods and Services (GaS).

  3. How many interests/parties you can work with in paid work?

    3. American Kybernetik (me), a (possilbly collective/corporate) single interest (you), and market / society / stakeholders (everybody else as silent third partner). "My 'direct' client" indicates that you may be an extraneous fourth party without independent hiring authority. If thats' not the case then your client certainly satisfies the term "stakeholder".

  4. On-Site Rate?

    See Jobbing Card [3].

  5. What do you mean "market/value"?

    The is the alternation between market value of IT creative staff labor in some specific or amalgam of job titles and the case of higher than normal value IP creation. As a clarifying example, a company might be building some IP for which it needs a specific seat filled and the task is both clear and appropriately compensated by the said synthetic title, that then would be the market side of the alternation. OTOH if a client is asking one man creation of some high value whole project IP, or a fundamental invention high value component in a well defined and otherwise staffed project, then these are cases where a "market wage" is inadequate, a different deal, the rationale actually of fixed cost, is needed. The market value of a man day is 8 x the hourly market range for the highest paying job title entailed, e.g. BLS 15-1133.

  6. How many years experience do you have with platform/language/package X?

    ~40 overall as a professional IT worker in 2021. As of mid 2018, 30+ C and its dialects, 30 relational database, 25 Linux, ~20 web apps, 18 Java, 10 mobile, etc. Started in IT @ 19, had pre-professional phase, blurbs is mostly 2005-2015.

  7. How about references?

    Click thru or otherwise DIY. Service worker but not a servant. As you may have gathered, may want but dont need your job.

  8. What's with the weird dates?

    I reject the Western Epoch, which among other shortcomings, cuts off more than half of the human historical epoch, is imprecise, and is based on a pernicious superstition. The chosen epoch is the traditional Chinese long count from the traditional (not Qin Shi Huang) First Emperor. It's an important element of domain and culture independence. Other epoch may be used if there is a compelling new standard.

  9. How does this relate to "Public Job Shop"

    It doesn't as such, I won't try to force things into there except development of my projects. The expected norm for generic contract programming is that occurs in the buyers dev space, I'm good with that.

  1. Thought June 2012 I'd had the definitive and final experience with this, I can tell you now unless your overall decision/vetting process can be done with a few minutes of my time before you engage my labor, please just go away. By further experience did finally reach apodictic certainty, that no matter how tempting the work you have might be for whatever reason, there's no getting around how this casts you and/or your organization as negative and incapable of making basic judgments in IT and in human relations (using just innate understanding). I'd rather not work with that kind of thing, work I do is too hard and too poorly compensated to put up with such stuff. Also check out what Noam Chomsky says about testing about mark 16:00, Bill Gates recent (2013-04) editorial in the NYT on testing, etc.
  2. Or the kind of person I want to be. I only had the latter day experience by being willing to join what I characterize as negative above.
  3. There was an appearance rate in the Rate Chart, it's pushed down now. I'm really not interested in on-site work and have done little of it this century. Global video interaction is the modern way.