Resume FAQ

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  Short answers here; click thru for more depth.

  1. Will you take our test?

    Probably not. Thought June 2012 'd had the definitive and final experience with this, I can tell you now unless your testing/vetting process is an hour or less please just go away. [1] By further experience did finally reach apodictic certainty, that no matter how tempting the work you have might be for whatever reason, there's no getting around how this casts you and/or your organization as negative and incapable of making basic judgments in IT and in human relations (using just innate understanding), in a way that is incompatible with my standards for situations I want to work in.[2] From this point, if you've read this and are presenting me with a request to take a test, challenge, etc., or perform other unpaid work as a challenge to my competence, I'll assume that you are trolling.

  2. How many years experience do you have with platform/language/package X?

    ~40 overall as an IT worker in 2015. As of mid 2012, 25 C and its dialects, 22 relational database, 17 Linux, ~13 web apps, 12 Java, 2 mobile, etc.

  3. How about references?

    Click thru to DIY or email me for those in last 24 mos.

  4. How many interests/parties you can work with in paid work?

    3. Me, the set of co-workers I'm joining in production, represented by a single interest, and the often implicit end consumer (market/ society / clients / customers) as third.

  5. On-Site Rate?

    In practice since '06 done strictly remote and primarily fixed cost jobbing[3].

  6. Will you work without an advance?

    Unless the job's smaller than my min piece rate, possibly, but generally need payment at time of delivery of any substantial intellectual property. I take it as a distinction between aspirational and real capital that money can freely change hands to engage my labor, and it's standard practice that it be half in a fixed cost job/deal, but I don't generally require that.

  1. Also check out what Noam Chomsky says about testing about mark 16:00, Bill Gates recent (2013-04) editorial in the NYT on testing, etc.
  2. Or the kind of person I want to be. I only had the latter day experience by being willing to join what I characterize as negative above.
  3. There's an appearance rate in the Rate Chart. Cam probably discount/bundle but obviously on-site rate higher than current real remote rate..