Resume FAQ

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  Short answer in bold; click thru questions to long answers, if any.

  1. How much experience do you have with platform/language/package X?

    ~40 overall as an IT worker in 2015.

  2. How about references?

    Click thru and DIY.

  3. How many interests/parties you can work with?

    3 including myself, where the third is the often implicit end consumer (market/society/clients/customers).

  4. On-Site Rate?

    $$$$ per diem (that many digits).

  5. Will you take our test?


  6. Will you work without an advance?

    Probably, if you are a sufficiently well established business but the normal practice is that something be advanced and the norm further is that that something be half, though I generally only require a token amount, not half of a large project. If you're not a business with recognizable cash flow, probably not. I am open to competitive W2/T4 offers.