Resume FAQ

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  Short answers here; click thru questions to longer kvetch, if any.

  1. How much experience do you have with platform/language/package X?

    ~40 overall as an IT worker in 2015. As of mid 2012, 25 C and its dialects, 22 relational database, 17 Linux, ~13 web apps, 12 Java, 2 mobile, etc.

  2. How about references?

    Click thru to DIY.

  3. How many interests/parties you can work with in paid work?

    3. Me, the collective of workers I'm joining in production, represented by a single interest, and the often implicit end consumer (market/ society / clients / customers) as third.

  4. On-Site Rate?

    There's an appearance rate in the Rate Chart, usually can discount/bundle. In practice in ad-hoc market ops, as of mid 2012, I do strictly remote and primarily fixed cost jobbing.

  5. Will you take our test?

    Absolutely not. Check out what Noam Chomsky says about testing about mark 16:00 and see the EG skin talk (of the click-thru for this FAQ item) page for the definitive end of this (when you click thru above link).

  6. Will you work without an advance?

    Unless the job's smaller than my min piece rate, possibly, but can't combine that with net terms in new relationship and will generally need payment at time of delivery of any substantial intellectual property. I take it as a distinction between aspirational and real capital that money can freely change hands to engage my labor, and it's standard practice that it be half in a fixed cost job/deal, but I don't generally require that.