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  • ...</math>. It provides for fast generation of very high-quality pseudorandom numbers, having been designed specifically to rectify many of the flaws found in ol quicker and usually is used to seed the Mersenne Twister. If only a few numbers are required and standards aren't high, it is simpler to use the seed gener
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  • ...sed as a reference, so that country is set at 100. Bermuda has the highest index value, 154, thus goods sold in Bermuda are 54% more expensive than in the U ...prediction of the PPP/exchange rate relationship (the [[:en:consumer price index|CPI]]) based on relative GDPs. Neo-classical economics includes [[Balassa-S
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  • ...enz curve is B, then the Gini index is A/(A+B). Since A+B = 0.5, the Gini index, G = A/(0.5) = 2A = 1-2B. If the Lorenz curve is represented by the functi The Gini index for the entire world has been estimated by various parties to be between 56
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  • | editor-last1 = Numbers ...out Science and Religion|year=2009|isbn=9780674057418|page=3|editor=Ronald Numbers}}</ref> More specifically, it was around the mid-1800s that discussion of "
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  • |0||Data||All kinds of user and system data (text data and single precision numbers) |4||SIW||Step Index word (used in loops)
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