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  • ...he [[:en:consumer price index|CPI]]) based on relative GDPs. Neo-classical economics includes [[Balassa-Samuelson effect]] theory, which explains the PPP model ===Difficulties with PPP comparisons in [[welfare economics]]===
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  • [[Image:Economics Gini coefficient2.svg|thumb|right|280px|Graphical representation of the Gin Although the Gini coefficient is most popular in economics, it can in theory be applied in any field of science that studies a distrib
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  • category rather than a material category (as seen by [[:en:Neoclassical economics|neo-classical]] thinkers). "[[:en:Capitalism]] is not an ‘economic syste ...crisis of 1928–1948 saw the rise of the [[John Maynard Keynes|Keynesian]] welfare-warfare state and large government. "Unregulated" capitalism ended.
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  • ...tributed to the creation of [[labor unions]] and [[Welfare (financial aid)|welfare]] institutions, etc. that can constrain the perceived inequity of wage slav ...ce of non-market structures stemming from some degree of democratic input (welfare system, retirement income, health insurance, etc.). The concept seeks to po
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