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I've finished a review of the substantive part of the 2010 edition. There are two sorts of distinct phenomena Jung treats, but the unifying concepts are simultaneity and meaning. In the cause where there is any possibility of a causal relation between events in such a phenomenon then synchronicity is excluded. The canonical case which he draws out in detail is the astrology vs marriage data. This is not a communication phenomena so it is a pure display of the psychical phenomenon in question.

He is explictly operating against two kinds of material, the mantic traditional element such as those associated with Western Astrology, the I Ching, etc. where the form of synchronicity is expected to be explained (ultimately) by some operations of meaning and the archetypes.

The other are the cases of telepathy which are not explainable as frauds, the experiments of Rhine, and the Swedenborg case, which are communication acts but for which causality is considered unacceptable.