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Theoretical Analysis of Information Systems is a published approach to mathematical modeling of a general enterprise information system based on systems theory and algebra. It's results are basic and basically startling when one realizes that the work stands relatively alone as essential as it would seem to be.

  1. Systems Theory
    1. Basic Problems of Systems Theory
    2. Systems Algebra
  2. Information Systems Theory
    1. Information Systems
    2. The Function of an Information System
    3. The Economic Quantity of Information and Processing
    4. Some Problems of Information Systems Design
    5. Precedence Relations between Information Sets in and Information System
    6. Data and Information Files
    7. Files, Computations, and Processes
    8. Effect of a Prcess Grouping
    9. File Consolidation
    10. System Design Computation Using Matrix Algebra
    11. File Storage Considerations
  3. Some Data Processing Problems