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At roughly the same time as this page created, Beth Imig started a family LiveJournal. Later that year, I posted video from the Springfield trip to You Tube.

10 Wind 4704: restored most of links here broken by recent support changes.
3 Vintage 4705: everything except pic of Glover boys and Beth Imig restored.
6 Vintage 4705: everything restored.
27 Wind 4706: Use neutral/factual designation for ancestral lines.
15 Seed 4707: migrate to
c. Fall 4707: migrate to
11 Seed 4709: lineup this timeline;note image is c.1997 XE.
14 Wind 4709: Social media take the F&F thread from here.
5 Snow 4711: Re-expose this page as replacement for Drafts in mediawiki line in stuffs. Redirect monogram link to current content. Some of the thumbs don't link to full size images.


Future Milestones, should I make them

  • 2063-12-29 - Supercentenarian
  • 4772-12-29 - Older than oldest ever at time of this entry (Calment)