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Actual Experience before 2019

The Praxis link to your left details my actual working life. As you will be able to see from that, the long resume, and the post 2010 blurbs, I did not let my preferences as far langs are concerned kill my career which is a not uncommon thing observed. So because the vast majority of work since 1980 has been with algol-like langs, dialects of C, so to was most of my working experience, the main exception being Smalltalk which I did learn on the job in the mid '80s.


A consolidation, streamlining has been effected with lisp and haskell (and others such as ocaml) released to be just FPs, and some elements dropped in favor of what's actually shaping up.

I'm aware these are not at the same level of generality with Prolog and Smalltalk being specific langs, but not addressing further as a) LP and OOP/GUI are well represented by those single langs and b) there are other factors besides these such as Algol/C, etc. Point is to be released from specific lang pinnings except for GUI and LP. Root (talk) 19:53, 10 July 2014 (UTC)