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Tele Doorbelljoin point for Ft aspect of domain space deployed to the communal networks
Concise story of the Ft 'doorbell', a redvant applet ∫ ∂ {Bitlbee, Jitsi, Synapse} ∂ SB/DS.

doorbell metaphor: ringer controls and tracks video conference call states

Disconnected state, no subscriber or subscriber not Ft authenticated.

0 Ivory

Ordinary ringer state, like a backlit doorbell, ready to accept or originate call. Blinking indicates ring (slow) or busy (rapid). Single click rings (caller) or answers (subscriber) moving to IN CALL.


Agents join the network in this state and may move to it by personal selection or involuntarily due to network events. Double clicking in response to incoming call rejects the call and the subscribers ringer is briefly in this state to acknowledge the drop. Subscriber double clicking when there's no call toggles offhook. Double clicking during a call disconnects it with brief acknowledgement in this color before returning to ATTENTION.

2 Red

A subscriber controlled state which blocks ATTENTION requests. Click toggles, blinks while block active.

Aux 1Subscriber
3 Green   IN CALL 

Call active, blinks when additional callers join the call.

4 Yellow   BUFF/WAIT 

Indicates incoming events for the agent. The control is inhibited if it is solidly this color .

Ringer Both
5 Blue   LOOKUP/PAGE  

Agent has initiated a call, or lookup of a remote subscriber or group. Submits the subscriber lookup text. Lookup is the action when no subscriber is selected and page is the action if one is (ringer calls selection).

Aux 2Both

Obviates login/profile profile blurb for SPA, if client is authenticated device, all controls show. Otherwise if station and real device connect to DCMS>, subscriber dial/lookup/passphrase multiselect and Aux 2 buttons show and Ringer is not white. When displayed on a subscribers profile, except to the subscriber, no subscriber lookup is needed or present.