Wanda Rose Mills (Nov. 27 1929 - July 4, 1991 XE)

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Cover Page

4711-12-05 - Currently if you google "Wanda Rose Gass" the first image is one that was unknown to me when this page was composed. I guesstimate that image to be c. 1947. 4712-05-18 - ancestry.com made the image inaccessible without payment. Fortunately I saved a copy: Those below range from 1972 to the early eighties. AKA "Sandy Daugherty", "Sandy East". In her life I only addressed as "Mama".

Mama at Xmas in FL

Mama doin dishes in FL

Mama w Big
... Glasses in FL

Mama in Decatur, IL

9/72 Chicago

9/72 Chicago