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One of three idiosyncratic terms we use to designate our Sprachraum¹. Engels is a synonym for the following:

English is my mother tongue and before the commitment to 文 仁, I was essentially a monoglot but with varying degrees of familiarity with all of the languages of my chosen Sprachraum. We are likely in future to extend the space but attempted fluency will be limited to those already enlisted. The order above is that of decreasing fluency and increasing personal preference.

As the Wikipedia article on polyglots points out, claims of fluency in many languages are highly suspect at best. The most one can aim for I think is substantial competency in a 'reasonable' set. We are fortunate that the language with the largest vocabulary and widest currency is our birth lingo.

See Also: Qin, Latin

¹ as a distinguished bund during the First Settlement.