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10.21.200621 Mist, 4704

Time Warner restored service. To thier credit they are promising a rate adjustment. May be some disruption on that route when the remount the cable which is currently lying on the ground. Will be moving whole LAN in next month or so anyway but the disruption should be minimal compared to the decomissioning of erejuan at Interland and the Buffalo Friday the 13th disaster. Note that the former 'Friends and Family' link in the navigation to your left now says Jati Ren Juan (in an amalgam of Latin and Hanzi).

10.17.200617 Mist, 4704

Recovery from the recent natural disaster in Buffalo not yet complete, the ISP that serves our Tomcat servers not back online yet.


Dedicated server at (formerly Interland, now peer something) server farm scratched and all services moved into home LAN. This broke many processes and services. We are working on new mechanisms which will allow us to deploy the content of these domains to new dedicated servers at hosting which can be changed more or less at will.

Note that there is a sharp distinction between our personal projects which most of the web content you can see here is about and those contracted and appearing on our professional resume.