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Revision as of 04:01, 25 February 2007 by Root (talk | contribs)
02.25.200725 Wind, 4705

Global namestyle replaces regional. Lisp domain wireframes converted to ucw from cl-http.

02.13.200713 Wind, 4704

Noticed an access to the mensa pages, haven't restored the jsp there, just the Tomcat service supporting Alice (JKnecht/Seldon on Dominion Text), will do so within next 2 biz days.

02.04.20074 Wind, 4704

Offline for roughly 5 hours due to power fluctation and failure of both ISPs.

01.04.20074 Rain, 4704

CSS Zen Garden Seems to be up regulary now.

12.31.200631 Snow, 4704

The CSS Zen Garden name apparently changed hands. Seems to be up regulary now.

12.29.200629 Snow, 4704

The CSS Zen Garden seems to be down often except during the North American biz day in some unclear interval. The entire domain seems to drop out, and I have no other ready solution than to monitor and manually drop it out of what you see from here when it is offline. Hopefully this will pass by the time the name is renewed. A formal solution for this sort of thing will be forthcoming.

12.18.200618 Snow, 4704

CSS Zen Garden Down again. Breaks a few pages including Main Page in skin. Will have a solution for this in place shortly.

12.08.20068 Snow, 4704

Problems with ISP serving main web affecting service since move should now be cleared.

12.04.20064 Snow, 4704

CSS Zen Garden down for a couple of days now. Dunno why or if permanent yet. Breaks a few pages including Main Page in skin.

11.29.200629 Frost, 4704

Move complete.

11.6.20066 Frost, 4704

meansofproduction.biz registered (c. 11:30 GMT).

11.4.20064 Frost, 4704

The main servers for this dominion will be unavailable for 3 days on or about the 29th of this month.

10.21.200621 Mist, 4704

Time Warner restored service. To thier credit they are promising a rate adjustment. May be some disruption on that route when they remount the cable which is currently lying on the ground. Will be moving whole LAN in next month or so anyway but the disruption should be minimal compared to the decomissioning of erejuan at Interland and the Buffalo Friday the 13th disaster. Note that the former 'Friends and Family' link in the navigation to your left now says Jati Ren Juan (in an amalgam of Latin and Hanzi).

10.17.200617 Mist, 4704

Recovery from the recent natural disaster in Buffalo not yet complete, the ISP that serves our Tomcat servers not back online yet.


Dedicated server at (formerly Interland, now peer something) server farm scratched and all services moved into home LAN. This broke many processes and services. We are working on new mechanisms which will allow us to deploy the content of these domains to new dedicated servers at hosting which can be changed more or less at will.

Note that there is a sharp distinction between our personal projects which most of the web content you can see here is about and those contracted and appearing on our professional resume as unlike our paid work, nothing produced here has yet gone "production". But look out, it's coming soon!