Common Platform Basis

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In addition to the Domain Content Mgt. System (DCMS) variants, the following application development packages are 'standard' with us and can be used to initialize your Enterprise domain:

  • Director MX (Flash Dev)
  • JBoss (J2EE, Java, JSP, Tomcat, etc.)
  • Joomla
  • LAMP, RoR, or mod_perl
  • .Net/Visual Studio 8 (ASP, ASPX)

Note that only there are only 4 actually development packages above, and only 2 really full featured ones at that, but this is the way people currently shop for the basis for thier development needs, so we have to accomodate it. This focus is not without consequences but it cannot be helped because shopping for what you think you need instead of what you actually need is a buyer's prerogative.

What you actually want, and may not know it, is a system that achieves your functional goals (assuming these are reasonable and feasible) and has the properties highlighted in the Value Prop(osition). In general what you may have think is the 'platform' choice or package du Jour generally has little to do with said achievement. Nonetheless, unless such a choice presents and full blown conflict with the attainment of our Total Quality Management goals, we can accomodate it.